Corporate social responsibility is extremely important for Komatsu Poland. We believe that responsible business apart of ethical behavior and care for the environment is also care and assistance to those who need it the most. 

Our actions: 

  • We help Ukraine - Komatsu Poland Volunteering

    The war in Ukraine touched each of us. Many already work and provide help as volunteers, take families from Ukraine under their roof, donate gifts or money for fundraising.

    At this difficult time, our company also decided to come to the rescue and create a special volunteering that focuses on helping refugees from Ukraine.

    We operate in 2 areas:

    1. We help employees and their families from Summitec Ukraine in terms of accommodation in Poland, basic necessities and ensuring righteous support during their stay in Poland.
    2. We support all initiatives undertaken by our employees in the field of fundraising for refugees from Ukraine.

  • We help Ukraine with the Polish Humanitarian Action

    In the face of a terrible tragedy - the war in Ukraine, the Management Board of Komatsu Poland decided to donate PLN 100,000 to the Polish Humanitarian Action.

    PAH's activities focus on providing aid to Ukraine, as well as supporting refugees and refugees coming to Poland.

    Do you want to support humanitarian activities in Ukraine? All information on the website: https://www.pah.org.pl/ 

  • We play with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity foundation

    The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has played for the 30th time, this time under the slogan: “Look at your eyes. To ensure the highest standards of diagnosis and treatment of eyesight in children ”.

    We joined the bidding and donated the operator's kits and a set of Komatsu gadgets for this good cause.

    Thank you to everyone who got involved and auctioned our gifts - you doubled their value, and we were pleased to donate all the money from our auctions to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity!

  • Christmas card for a children's hospice in Lublin

    This year, our Christmas card for clients and employees is supported by the Lublin Hospice for Children. The little prince. The hospice was established in 1997 to look after children and adolescents with cancer and other incurable and progressive diseases. The Foundation provides full care for children in a stationary hospice or as part of a home hospice, always taking care of a high standard of medical, psychological, pedagogical, social and spiritual care. Our donation supported the hospice in their activities to give support to sick children and their families in a difficult time of illness.

  • #Gaszynchallenge - we pump for Tosia!

    Just before Christmas, we took part in the #Gaszynchallange campaign, the main goal of which was to support children suffering from SMA all over Poland. Komatsu Poland took up the challenge and together we pumped for sick Tosia https://www.siepomaga.pl/antosia. We donated the collected amount to the treatment of the Foundation's ward, and you can see our efforts in the video below:


  • Game for the "Szlachetna Paczka" campaign

    One of the examples of our approach was the Tree of Life simulation game, which we organized for our employees during the annual Komatsu Poland conference. The main prize was a solemn donation of the collected amount of money to a selected charity purpose. Our employees decided to support the 'Szlachetna Paczka' campaign - one of the most recognizable social projects in Poland, supporting families in need through dedicated help.

Questions? Please write to us: info@komatsupoland.pl

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